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R E L E A S E !


Many years of writing and performing in this formation comtributed to this performance, the one that makes this live  recording and final CD from GAST WALTZING & LARGO, the highlight of their time together. 6 amazing tracks with Largo ( David Laborier-guitar, Rom Heck-Bass, Rainer Kind-Drums and Gast on Trumpet) at their very best, along with several talanted jazz musician (Michel Reis-Piano, David Ascani-Tenor Sax, and Serfuei Khmielevskoi-Trombone). 

Jazzed up in New Orleans

It's All About Us

To convey the rhythms and melodies that Gast Waltzing was looking for, he envisioned a brass band to embed their personalities as well as their individual touch on several tracks. The Soul Rebels are featured on four of the album's eleven songs: 'Jazzed Up in New Orleans', 'Moon Over Sapporo', 'Funked Up', and 'Paper Souls'. Recorded in the Music Shed studio, in January 2013 in New Orleans, the album has a joy of life and a feel of warmth, memorable melodies, a splash of rock, and sometimes makes you want to dance. It is full of true Largo sounds that are surrounded by the magic of New Orleans without ever falling into cliché. “Jazzed Up in New Orleans” brings together several different worlds, like those of gospel, jazz and brass bands.


'It’s All About Us' was created as a concept album. The album title indicates the band’s reflection on the wo/man in the twenty-first century. Concept albums generally tend to incorporate preconceived musical ideas rather than being improvised in the studio, however Gast Waltzing left enough space for the musicians to improvise when recording the various tracks. All tracks were recorded the old-fashioned way, the group played this music together without overdubs. The album was presented to a sold out Philharmonie in Luxembourg in 2010 with great success. As special guests, the band invited Nils Landgren and Didier Lockwood. 

Long Journey

After the succes of 'Fables of Lost Time' the band's first album on Warner Jazz London, this amazing quartet released their second album titled Long Journey at the beginning of 2006 also on Warner Jazz. Their music is very rhythm oriented with moving melodies and themes. Their style defines what Nu Jazz is all about.

Fables Of Lost Time

Largo's first album.

Gast Waltzing & LARGO

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